Thursday, 25 September 2014

Kate Celebrates National Thinking of You Week

"I just want you to know I'm thinking about you..."

This week - 22nd to the 28th Sept 2014 is National Thinking of You week.  Organised by the Greeting Card Association it's aimed to encourage all of us to send a greeting card each day of this special week.  Perhaps by sending a card you wouldn't normally send, or to someone you've not seen for a while, just to say:

"Hi, I've been thinking about you..."

Say hello and make someone smile...
I've decided to join in and have sent a greeting card every day this week so far - I'll come back next week to tell you more about who I sent them to, and why, as well as any feedback I get from my unsuspecting recipients!

Receiving a handwritten card makes people feel much more special than receiving texts, emails or Facebook messages.  I'm being very traditional and posting my cards too.  I'm excited, imagining all seven envelopes dropping through my friends and family's letterboxes -  I can tell you it feels good joining in with this special #ThinkingOfYou week!

Online greeting cards shop Love Kate's is taking part in National Thinking of You Week, if you buy your cards from Kate's you will receive £5 off your next order, read about the offer here. Alternatively you can buy them individually on the web shop and add your message and Love Kate's will post them direct for you, handwriting your special message for you.  If you fancy joining in (part way through the special week or even afterwards) then I'd say, go for it!

Remember, the power of the card.  Just sending one card to someone will make a difference to their day, so let’s all spread the love by connecting in this most meaningful way!

Look out for my blog post next week...

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