Tuesday, 13 May 2014

So, are 'funny' rude greeting cards going to far?

I found an interesting discussion topic in Progressive Greetings this month questioning just that.  It was following a complaint from a student at Leeds University, and an article that appeared in the Telegraph.  A student was offended by the card and found it sexist.  Granted, it is one of the ruder greeting cards available (actually we are told it is no longer available), but are we really in danger of going too far?

At Love Kate's we stock a popular and growing range of humorous cards and even offer a 'FUNNY CARD OF THE DAY' for our customers.  Here is an example of one of our more risqué offerings appearing on our Twitter feed:

Charades, A Family Game
CHARADES | Despite Eric's Best Efforts no-one guessed 'Bankok'

This is just one of many hilariously funny Birthday cards from our Traces of Nuts range. So what do you think?

Does this one go too far or is it more of a rib-tickler than the offending card in question that said; "Beware of the dog. She might look sexy in those hot pants but she’s probably got Chlamydia."

Personally I think us Brits have a great sense of humour and enjoy giving and receiving greeting cards that make us laugh-out-loud.  And anyway, we deserve and prefer a choice, don't we? 

As a buyer I'm careful not to cross the line between funny and offensive, but that's not to say there isn't a market for those too. As for cards like the one above, my customers certainly seem to vote with their feet (or mouse-click) as we sell bucket loads. Search for our funny cards on Twitter using the hashtag #funnycardoftheday and judge for yourself or see them all at Love Kate's now:

Love Kates | Especially If You Love Funny Cards
Love Kates | Love Funny Cards 
Your reactions and comments are welcomed below...

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